Ready at Dawn se hace editora y ven muy posible la multiplataformidad

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Does Mr. Sams' appointment or the creation of a publishing arm change the studio's close relationship with Sony? Do you have plans for more games on non-Sony platforms [Ready At Dawn did the Wii port of Okami – ed.]?

Sams: We have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Sony. They are a great company with whom we have shared many successes over the years. As a result, it is hard to imagine not seeing our future games on one or more of the Sony platforms. At the same time, we have worked very hard to make sure that our engine and technology suite is multiplatform. What we did on the PS4 for The Order: 1886, we can also do today on Xbox One, PC, and on an additional unannounced platform.


También hacen saber que tienen dos nuevas IPs en desarrollo:


We have two original IPs currently under development that we own. However, we are not at a point in the development process that we can discuss them. Stay tuned...


Fuente: Gameinformer

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