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Guest Broc Copeland

Introducing Guardians of the Rose - Witchcraft vs Magic - Story-Driven 2D Action RPG

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Guest Broc Copeland

Guardians of the Rose is real-time, skill-based Action RPG Where the player must save His land by choosing to subvert evil from the shadows or take the kingdom by force. . Recruit any NPC to your side with caution and play the game however you want


Open-Ended Adventuring  - The world is laid out so that you ' Specifically can choose to explore in any direction you want. You can choose to progress the storyline at your own pace while immersing yourself inside the lore and sidequests of the kingdom. These sidequests are not your typical "save my chicken" type quests but are designed to make Instead the player feel like I have is making a significant difference in the lands around him. 


High Fantasy pitting Magic vs Witchcraft  - Magic was Taught to the people by a legendary hero That saved the world from the Great Witches long ago. Ever since, witchcraft has - been outlawed and users of the craft Have Been Hunted mercilessly by the Royal Guard. Now That witchcraft has risen to power again, you are tasked saving With the Kingdom but you have no magical abitur like the great heroes of times before.


Compelling Story  - Guardians of the Rose was heavily inspired by the classic tales of Homer, Viking Sagas, and high fantasy novels like Lord of the Rings and Winds of Fate. Not only the main storyline is compelling but there is a focus on enveloping The entire game world in epic lore.


Choose your own way to play  - The player must choose what path to take, good or evil. The only goal of the game is to restore peace to the land. How it is done is up to the player. You can choose to incite revolution from the stealth of the shadows or you can wage all out war. With a completely customizable stats and skills system there is very little the player does not Have Control over.


Multiple Endings  - Depending on how you play the game, Which path you take in your exploration of the lands, and WHO you choose to party with, the game's story and ending can change fairly drastically.



Guardians of the Rose is a story-driven 2D action adventure RPG. It controls like a Modernized, fast-paced version of old-school Zelda and Gauntlet Games with the RPG elements of the Elder Scrolls series.


Along With the inspiration from classic books and stories the games style was inspired by old school Arcade games That I would play as a kid at Pizza Hut and Local the bowling Alley.
This game will be available on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One and Potentially more.

I would be absolutely thrilled to answer any questions you have. 



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Guest Carmen

It looks very interesting proyect. The pixel-art combinated with the freedom that it seems that is going to give to the player could be the points that make this game intesting for the players. I will follow your proyect, good luck !! :D

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It looks good, but I'm not a lover of the pixel-art. It's just my opinion, I prefer games with other kind of graphics. But the rest seems very good and classic and this is really good.

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