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Análisis Darksiders Genesis (PC) - 7.5

04 Dec 2019

Darksiders Genesis takes the franchise's pillars (fast-paced combat, some puzzles and platforming) to an isometric perspective. A game that, although feels completely like a smaller spin-off rather than a big new entry in the series, manages to still give that Darksiders' feeling that fans love.

Análisis Red Dead Redemption 2 (PC) - 10

02 Dec 2019

Red Dead Redemption2 is certainly something we had never seen before in PC. It is a real next-gen game that makes us wonder how much is there still yet to achieve in the world of videogames.

Análisis Alien: Isolation (SWITCH) - 8

29 Nov 2019

Alien: Isolation lands on Nintendo Switch with an experiencie that is able to stand the test of time and offer a journey that keeps faithful to the original one. The port of Feral Interactive still generates constant tension and fear and demonstrates that quality games inspired by the original film saga can also be made.

Análisis Planet Zoo (PC) - 8

22 Nov 2019

Planet Zoo, considered as a Zoo Tycoon spiritual successor, proposes a fun experience in where you can manage your own zoo, care your animals, improve the facilities and surprise your customers.

Análisis Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PS4) - 8

16 Nov 2019

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the game that all fans have been waiting for almost a decade. The battle system, movement and metroidvania elements, as well as the simplicity with which it executes all of its departments, allow this game to be a very enjoyable one for the audience. Nevertheless, its short story, which also lacks depth, may stir trouble for some. Still, just because of the combination of exploration and art we can guarantee that this game will make it worth your while.

Análisis Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - 8.5

14 Nov 2019

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is a breath of fresh air to a genre somewhat diminished today in video games but it would certainly seem that it has returned to remain the fans of the saga those who enjoy this second edition. But those who have not had the opportunity to discover it are facing the best time to enter the magical world of Age of Empires.

Análisis Pokémon Espada y Escudo (Switch) - 8.8

13 Nov 2019

Pokémon Sword and Shield is a game that knows how to keep intact the inheritance it receives from previous titles of the saga and, at the same time, introduces a series of new elements that will lead the franchise into the future. In an attempt to be a gateway for everyone, Game Freak's new project will please both newcomers and more experienced players because, although some sections of this new installment have received less attention, it still has a content which will be attractive enough for every coach to find his place in the new region of Galar.

Análisis Superliminal (PC) - 8.5

12 Nov 2019

Portal meets The Stanley Parable in a game that, although may fall short in some aspects, offers one of the most imaginative and surprising experiences of 2019. A true hidden gem for the puzzle lovers as well as a video game design masterclass.

Análisis Need for Speed Heat (PS4) - 8

8 Nov 2019

Need for Speed heat has one of the best gameplay and visuals ever seen in a racing game. It also marks a change for the franchise, a game that focus more on street racing rather than the story. However, it takes a lot of mechanics from other games like The Crew or Forza Horizon, resulting in an experience that, although it's fun, lacks personality.

Análisis Mario & Sonic en los Juegos Olímpicos: Tokio 2020 (Switch) - 7

7 Nov 2019

If you want to stand out in a genre as overloaded as this, you must do it with ambition, and this new installment of the SEGA franchise continues with its legacy. Have fun, of course, but don't conquer.

Análisis Death Stranding (PS4) - 9.7

1 Nov 2019

Death Stranding is one the best games to be found in PS4. Kojima-san delivers an open world in which we have to represent a bridge between the narrative of the game and other players in order to keep moving forward as part of a world that needs us. The game introduces characters that keep on evolving until we reach an ending for the ages through a story told like very few would be able to. Death Stranding knows how to toy with our emotions, and it manages to arise anguish, tension, solitude, sorrow, joy and provides a conclusion that completely stuns us. The end is only the beginning.

Análisis Luigi's Mansion 3 (Switch) - 9.2

28 Oct 2019

Luigi returns with an adventure which most remarkable virtues hide behind his playable mechanics. Nintendo has managed again to create a game where what we do and the environments that we travel through are with connected tightly. The game and the player meet in an experiencie the feeling of discovery is the greatest reward and, ultimately, makes Luigi's Mansion 3 get into the list of the rest of Nintendo Switch greatest titles.

Análisis MediEvil Remake (PS4) - 8

23 Oct 2019

Showing itself as a game that is extremely faithful to the original one and greatly respects the starting point of the franchise, MediEvil Remake is shown as the perfect opportunity to relive the adventure of Sir Daniel Fortesque with nostalgia. Despite that some of its playable aspects may be below current standards, Other Ocean has managed to revive the Gallowmere's Kingdom paying attention to what made the title great in the past.

Análisis The Outer Worlds (PS4) - 8

22 Oct 2019

Obsidian offers a new videogame that brings back the outstanding first person RPG gameplay from Fallout New Vegas. However, due to some flaws, this game also feels like it's from 2010, making it a bit obsolete from its very launch date.

Análisis The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Switch) - 8.5

21 Oct 2019

Nintendo Switch receives The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. A complete edition that arrives at the console with all its contents and expansions, as well as updates. The sacrifice in terms of technical effects is the highlight of an incredible video game that we can play for the first time in portable mode.

Análisis Overwatch (Switch) - 7

18 Oct 2019

Overwatch arrives on Nintendo Switch with a solid port, although it sacrifices important elements such as frame rate, graphic quality and control accuracy, to make use of the advantages of this console. These negative points eclipse in certain measures the excellence of this shooter. However, its speed when playing and versatility to be available on this console, make this version one to take into account.

Análisis Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville (PS4) - 8

18 Oct 2019

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is a good third-person shooter and a great Plants vs. Zombies title. The series continues to trust in its own style but seems too comfortable and conservative with this game which, on the other hand, comes with a lot of content for players to enjoy for hours.

Análisis AeternoBlade II (PS4) - 6.8

11 Oct 2019

Corecell Technology brings us with a proposal that surpasses create its predecessor. Betting to introduce some very novel mechanics to the subgenre of the hack and Slash in 2D and giving a new more ambitious look to their environments and characters, but there are lights and shadows in its playability and the rhythm decays a lot in some sections.

Análisis Indivisible (PS4) - 8

09 Oct 2019

Skullgirl's creators are back in the game with a title which mechanics are deep and designed in a smart way but, at the same time, it has a series of rough edges in its insides that take it away from being a perfect game. Despite this, Indivisible manages to become more than the sum of its parts, giving the player the opportunity to enjoy a journey that is hard to forget.

Análisis Concrete Genie (PS4) - 7.5

08 Oct 2019

Pixelopus is a small team that manages to deliver a beautiful game in Concrete Genie. Nevertheless, the game lacks depth at its core, which makes it hard to catalogue it as a must-have exclusive.

Análisis Trine 4 (PS4) - 8

07 Oct 2019

Frozenbyte returns with a fourth installment of its saga of puzzles and platforms that shows that the study still knows how to create smart gameplay riddles. Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is a reconciliation between the franchise and its fans, an ode to their first two games that polishes and further refines what they presented to the world when they went on sale.

Análisis Ghost Recon Breakpoint (PS4) - 7

06 Oct 2019

Breakpoint is the result of a work in which the changes show the arrival of novelties to the saga that although they entertain in many aspects may not convince the saga lovers too much.

Análisis Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (Switch) - 9

04 Oct 2019

A proposal that maintains a great difficulty curve and a unique structure, which borrows from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for the most skilled.

Análisis Ancestors Legacy (PS4) - 8.5

02 Oct 2019

Pending quote.

Análisis Green Hell (PC) - 7.5

02 Oct 2019

Green Hell is one of the most suitable survival experiences for the most experienced players of the genre. This title focuses its mechanics on realism, making it as immersive as possible. Without having invented anything new, the truth is that the varied history mode gives that unique touch in the genre. Despite some of its technical problems, this title is a remarkable game to add to our collection.

Análisis Code Vein (PS4) - 8

26 Sep 2019

Code Vein manages to become a possible gateway into the difficult world of the Souls-like games. Bandai Namco, thus, gives way to an appealing title that is full of possibilities when it comes to the gameplay, and that it also posseses a well crafted environment that can sometimes become a huge labyrinth. However, those in search of the usual challenge will be forced to forfeit one of its main novelties.

Análisis Dragon Quest XI S (Nintendo Switch) - 9

26 Sep 2019

Square Enix has decide to make the definitive version of an immediate classic out of something that, at the beginning, may have looked like a simple adapted portable option: in this case we will find tenths of hours of gameplay, a magnificent turn based battle system and a whole new way to play the game in the West: the 2D mode, which will make nostalgics fall in love once more.

Análisis Ni no Kuni: La ira de la bruja blanca Remastered (PS4) - 8.8

24 Sep 2019

Studio Ghibli and Level- 5 join forces again to deliver a remaster of a game that detaches magic and charisma at its artistic level and amply meets the requirements of the classic JRPG genre, giving rise an experience that, despite some small imperfections that prevent it from standing as a perfect videogame, it becomes a journey hard to forget.

Análisis Contra: Rogue Corps (PS4) - 7

23 Sep 2019

Konami returns with a new game of its most iconic saga that, although it respects the great doses of action that characterize the franchise, has a series of imperfections that stand in its design and, therefore, in the experience of the player. Despite this, Contra: Rogue Corps can be a worthy proposal if viewed from the right perspective and, above all, if enjoyed in the company of a friend.

Análisis The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Switch) - 9.5

19 Sep 2019

Link's Awakening is still, 26 years after its debut, an outstanding game. With brand new graphics, along all the elements that made the original one of the best games ever, this classic game lands on Nintedo Switch to remind us why we love The Legend of Zelda series.

Análisis FIFA 20 (PS4) - 9.2

19 Sep 2019

EA Sports totally hits the spot with FIFA 20. On one hand, they have refined the gameplay to make it more real and solve some issues that tainted the past. On the other hand, they have incorporated Volta, which acts as a game within the game and manages to offer all of the FIFA Street essence that adds as much depth to its gameplay as it does to the game modes and the overall experience.

Análisis Devil's Hunt (PC) - 6.5

17 Sep 2019

Layopi Studios points with a great ambition to the production of a game that belongs to that forgotten space between indie and Triple-A productions. Devil's Hunt manages to be a fun and entertaining action game. However, the final result does not convince at all, and fails to compete as a solid and differentiated proposal from other existing titles in the market.

Análisis eFootball PES 2020 (PS4) - 8.8

16 Sep 2019

Konami closes off the current generation with the best entry that we have seen so far. eFootball PES 2020 posseses, undoubtetly, the most realistic gameplay ever for a football game. Unfortunately, the game still lacks the same thing as the previous entries: its game modes do not have enough depth.

Análisis Daemon X Machina (Switch) - 7.5

11 Sep 2019

Despite not being excellent, Daemon X Machina is a breath of fresh air for Nintendo Switch. Its most interesting points are its freedom of customization and action, and being able to pilot your own mecha is pretty satisfactory, even though it has some control problems.

Análisis Blasphemous (PS4) - 8

10 Sep 2019

Blasphemous is a metroidvania game that is just good in terms of gameplay, but manages to be outstanding with its art and setting. A folkloric piece of art in the form of a videogame that results in one of the most attractive indies of 2019 so far.

Análisis The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series (PS4) - 8

10 Sep 2019

The Walking Dead and Clementine say goodbye to the world of video games with a gold brooch that rounds out the experience, offering exclusive material that the most curious will appreciate. It presents the four seasons of history, and adds the adventure starring Michonne to complement. If we add to this a graphic review for the first games, we have a product that satisfies the lovers of the genre and that they should not miss.

Análisis Spyro Reignited Trilogy (Nintendo Switch) - 8.5

9 Sep 2019

A good adaptation with very few technical flaws that preserves all the fun coming from its addictive gameplay.

Análisis Gears 5 (Xbox One) - 9.5

4 Sep 2019

Gears 5 has become the biggest reference in Xbox One: The Coalition has managed to understand the roots of the franchise in order to create an excelent game that perfectly represents the IP and everything it stands for. We start saying goodbye to the current generation with an incredible game thanks to all of the new options added to both the story mode and the multiplayer.

Análisis Children of Morta (PC) - 9

4 Sep 2019

Children of Morta takes the mechanics from the roguelike genre but manages to craft a trully narrative experience. An unique game that offers fun gameplay mixed with an emotional story full of heart. One of the greatest surprises of 2019 so far.

Análisis Man of Medan (PS4) - 8.2

1 Sep 2019

Man of Medan is a perfect game for lovers of interactive adventures. A horror story that although more predictable than we would have liked, offers us a great experience and a lot of choices that can cause it to end with more or less survivors. In addition, the social component that allows us to play with friends online or with up to 5 friends on the same console, are an added weight when enjoying this experience with more people.

Análisis Blair Witch (PC) - 8.2

30 Aug 2019

Bloober Team has managed to forge a new horror game that, although it turns out to be extremely faithful to the lore of the universe created by the first film, it manages to position itself as a product with a unique personality. Its mechanics, setting and artistic design come together to offer a title that tries to generate fear in the player showing respect to his intelligence and avoiding falling into the most overused topics of the genre.

Análisis Minoria (PC) - 7.5

28 Aug 2019

Bombservice ha logrado con Minoria un título con identidad propia, interesantes mecánicas y un sistema de combate gratificante. A pesar de las carencias encontradas en el título, esta entrega logrará encandilar a todos los amantes de los metroidvania.

Análisis Remnant: From the Ashes (PC) - 8

26 Aug 2019

Remnant: From the Ashes is a game that mixes every trendy mechanic. Shooter, procedural generation, Souls-like combat, online focus... But, somehow, Gunfire manages to make something unique ad fresh that, even with some flaws, is fun ad innteresnting from the beginning to the end.

Análisis Astral Chain (Nintendo Switch) - 9.5

26 Aug 2019

Astral Chain is one of the best experiences of the genre in Nintendo Switch. PlatinumGames has managed to revitalize the gameplay and take its complexity and sensations further than it has ever done before. The combination of character and legion implies having to take into account double the elements while fighting, which at the same time allows for better combos and a comforting sensation whilst carrying out whatever movements we want to.

Análisis Control (PS4) - 7

26 Aug 2019

The addition of way too many systems as well as mechanics have caused all of the good things in Control, which are a lot, to get shadowed by other elements that are either not appropiately resolved or that do not really add to the overall value of the game. It still is a very enjoyable piece due to its gameplay as well as its visual and artistic level, but it inevitably leaves a bitterswet feeling given that it comes from Remedy Entertainment, a studio that I did not expect to leave this many unattended elements in its narrative.

Análisis RAD (PS4) 7.5

20 Aug 2019

Dobule Fine enters the roguelike genre proposing an experiencie that, although is dazzling at an artistic level, it presents some frictions in its gameplay. The limited variety of skills and objects that you can use and a series of shallow combat systems end up creating a title that, despite being a worthy product, fails to meet the expectations it generates in the first minutes of the game.

Análisis Wolfenstein: Youngblood (PC) - 7.5

26 Jul 2019

The arrival of the multiplayer as well as the possibility of enjoying the Wolfenstein experience with other players is overshadowed by some bad decisions related to the progression and rhythm of the game. What could have been good news for the franchise ends up being a step back in the quality of this saga

Análisis Kill la Kill IF (Switch) - 6.5

26 Jul 2019

The alternative story mode will delight the original anime followers; the gameplay is frantic and the talent is appreciated, but the reduced number of characters, modes and scenarios looks to us as a nonsense that strikes down a good fighting game.

Análisis Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch) - 9

25 Jul 2019

Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo have managed to create a game that even if it juggles with several complex playable systems,it manages to find a great balance between them to deliver one of those solid, charismatic experiences that fans will remember for years

Análisis Growtopia (PlayStation 4) - 5.5

24 Jul 2019

Growtopia jumps from mobile devices to consoles bringing with it an experience with a structure that does not completely fit into these platforms. Its waiting times and other typical mechanics of the smartphone gaming market make this adaptation a difficult one to enjoy in a traditional way.

Análisis Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (Switch) - 7.8

19 Jul 2019

It is a fun and light alternative that allows to enjoy an adventure full of fan service in co-op mode, although it has some camera problems.

Análisis Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Switch) - 9.5

11 Jul 2019

We found ourselves a complete, long adventure with countless possibilites: a real homage to Dragon Quest and its legacy. It is a videogame that, as a spin-off, manages to achieve something very rare: to surpass some of the main entries. And the only way to do this is by caring about the brand, treating it the way it deserves, and adding mechanics the way they should be added.

Análisis Sea of Solitude (PS4) - 8

6 Jul 2019

Sea of Solitude is a game that, despite some flaws in its gameplay, gets to the players' hearts. Jo-Mei Games aims for the hearts and gets it just right, offering an experience that can trully make the players suffer in a heartwarming and, sometimes, even necessary way.

Análisis Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (SWITCH) - 7.8

2 Jul 2019

The work of 505 Games is a proposal that pays homage to the metroidvania genre in a conservative way. Polishing with great success its formula but without offering anything innovative to what we already know about it.

Análisis Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered (SWITCH) - 8

1 Jul 2019

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered premieres in Change with success with a proposal of action and destruction that overcomes the passage of time.